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Barba-Arkhon.com offers a wide range of construction insurance and risk management programs that can be tailored to fit the special needs of the construction industry in the United States.

For over two decades now, Barba-Arkhon.com has been helping its customers with their property insurance and risk management needs. The company’s customer base includes designing and building firms, general contractors, builders, construction managers, subcontractors, as well as project owners or sponsors.

Because of the nature of construction work, Barba-Arkhon.com customers have to have insurance programs and risk management programs to protect their construction projects and, hence, their investments in them. There are several insurance programs that are specific to the construction industry, including:

  • All Risk Insurance or Builder’s Risk Insurance, which covers specific building projects (building site, equipment, and construction materials), and
  • Contactor’s business insurance and liability policy, which assigns building owners as beneficiaries to the policy.

Then there are also risk management programs like bid bonds and performance bonds. 

But there are so many other insurance and risk management programs, you might even find the whole gamut overwhelming and downright confusing. But protection programs in the construction industry can actually be simplified for contractors and other industry members, if they would only assess their insurance requirements thoroughly. From that point, they should find the most apt insurance programs for their needs.

Thankfully, Barba-Arkhon.com has a team of industry professionals who work with clients to assess their needs and customize the most apt insurance and risk management programs to those needs.

Why members of the construction industry should get insurance and risk management programs in light of current trends. So far, many contractors are spending their money on costly litigation for lawsuits. Without any form of insurance or risk protection, contractors, building owners, and others in the construction industry stand to lose their investments.

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